Directions to Refugios in El Bolson

A few years back I spent a month down in Argentina.  This is a beautiful country and an amazing place for people that enjoy outdoor recreation pursuits.  There are unlimited opportunities to mt. bike, hike, kayak, fish, hunt, and climb.  The country is also blessed with amazing Malbec wine and great food off the parrilla.

One area that I went and checked out was the Hippie town of El Bolson.  My main interest in this area was that it is the northern part of the Patagonia region and it is blessed with stunning mountains, pristine rivers, and a hut to hut trekking system set up for exploration of the region.  I also heard rumors of the rivers being full of hungry trout that were willing to take a fly.


A Map of some of the huts in the region


Trail to the hut

I started my trek by picking out a hut that was rumored to be near some fishable waters.  Loaded up my backpack with provisions for a couple days and my fly fishing tackle.  I grabbed a cab in town and took a $10 ride out to the trail head!  The simplicity is beautiful.


A set of Mountains I had to go up and over to find fish


A beautiful hut that slept 10 people and was also a working farm. 

Only speaking a little Spanish was a bit of a challenge as the main hut that I wanted to stay at was run by an old rancher who spoke pretty much no English.  Luckily another group from Israel that was camping out at the hut were kind enough to serve as translators for me.  I was able to learn about another hut further down the line that was near a lake that supposedly was filled with tons of large trout.


Cow Skull Trail Marker


Future Cow Skull Trail Marker


The Mountain Lake filled with whopper trout


A pretty Brookie that fell to a streamer


Found a couple from Canada that took a pic for me

The fishing at the mountain lake was wonderful.  In a 3 hour span of time I caught over 20 rainbows and brookies that were over 16 inches in length.  It was amazing to have such consistent action in such a beautiful location.

Hiking back in the fading daylight exhausted from the trail miles and a good day of fishing was a memory I will never forget.  A wonderful perk of the area is that the water is unspoiled and you can just dip your bottle in any running water for a refill.

Back at the hut, I was greeted to a meal of homemade pizza washed down with a home brewed beer.


Home brewed beer after a long day on the trail.  

After 2 days back in the mountains and woods, it was time to hike back out.  I left myself a reasonable amount of time to get back which allowed me to fish on my way back at any likely spots I found.


The cleanest, coldest and clearest water I have encountered


One final rainbow caught on my hike out

El Bolson is a beautiful area of Patagonia and I’d recommend it to anyone that enjoys pristine rivers and mountains.


Mountain views never get old























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